Root Canals

Receiving a root canal on front teeth or even on your molars is never fun, but at Dream Dentistry, we ensure that the procedure of a root canal is as painless as possible for you!

Root canals are necessary when the damage to a tooth has reached the nerve and blood supply of the tooth, known as the pulp, located in its root. The pulp will usually become inflamed, die and result in an infection. This is generally very painful; however, occasionally it is not and the only symptom is a discoloration or gradual darkening of the tooth. The procedure of a root canal involves the pulp of the tooth to be removed and replaced with a filling material, alleviating the discomfort and infection. A tooth that has had a root canal becomes brittle and will often need a crown to ensure the strength and longevity of the tooth.

At Dream Dentistry in Longview WA, we ensure that the procedure of a root canal is as painless as possible.

We strive to make you comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors. Often the procedure of a root canal and crown will take multiple appointments spread over a minimum of 3 weeks with 1 of those appointments being referred to another dentist. Here at Dream Dentistry we have a new root canal procedure that allows you to complete your root canal and crown, with or without sedation, all in one appointment and in one office. From three types of sedation to leaving with the permanent crown the same day as your completed root canal; we save you anxiety, time, and money!

Call us to find out more about our root canal procedures and schedule an appointment today!



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