Preventive Care

Our office continues to be prevention oriented.

We want to help you maintain your teeth for a lifetime. Some of the preventive services we provide you with include:

  • Professional ultrasonic cleanings
  • The oral hygiene products we recommend are available in-office for your purchase to save you time and money.
  • Yearly comprehensive oral exam that includes an oral cancer screening and periodontal charting
  • Custom Mouth Guards for all athletics
  • Adult and child in-office fluoride treatments
  • Pit and fissure sealant for both adults and children
  • Individualized oral hygiene instructions
  • Latest prescription medications as a non-surgical adjunct in the fight against periodontal disease.
  • Innovative laser technology with the Deka High Speed Co2 laser allows us to treat more advanced periodontal conditions with minimally invasive procedures in a more sterile environment.
Professional Ultrasonic Cleanings

If words like “dentist” and “gentle” don’t fit together in your mind, Dream Dentistry aims to provide a paradigm shift.

We provide all of our patients with the luxury of Ultrasonic Scaling. Ultrasonic Scaling takes just a fraction of the time and has been found to be more effective at cleaning your teeth compared to hand scaling alone.

Oral Hygiene Products
To save you time and money, we have the oral hygiene products we recommend right here in the office. From mouth rinses and Waterpik to bulk manual or electric toothbrushes, we want to help you be successful with your oral hygiene care.
Yearly Comprehensive Exams
We want to help you achieve your healthy goals. One of the most effective ways to do this is to help you identify the symptoms of disease processes early to prevent significant health problems. With oral cancer screenings and a recorded periodontal charting, we look forward to teaming up with you to take control of your health and improve the quality of your life.
Custom Mouth Guards
We are excited to offer you and your children extremely affordable custom mouth guards. As compared to over-the-counter boil and fit mouth guards, we take an exact mold of your teeth and fabricate a mouth guard with unparalleled fit and protection from injuries. Get it customized with your team colors, mascots, number and name!
Fluoride is a mineral that plays a significant part in healthy tooth development and in the prevention of cavities. There are two types of fluoride used in dentistry, ingested and topical fluoride. Ingested fluoride used for proper tooth development is typically found in your community water supply. It incorporates into a forming tooth to make it stronger and more able to resist decay after erupting into the mouth. However, too much ingested fluoride during tooth development can actually make your tooth weaker. It is important to talk with your dentist about your child’s access to fluoride in the right dosages to help ensure strong adult teeth. If your water supply is not fluoridated, a prescription with dosages that are age/size appropriate can supply your child with the fluoride needed for strong adult teeth.

Topical fluorides are used to remineralize early spots of decay and/or prevent decay from happening once teeth are erupted into the mouth. Fluoride treatments of erupted teeth are essential to preventing rampant decay that can be associated with the daily consumption of sodas, energy drinks, sugary foods and beverages, and the side-effects of chemotherapy and other medications that cause dry mouth.

Pit and Fissure Sealants
Pit and fissure sealants provide a plastic type coating that flows into the crevices on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent decay from starting where it’s impossible to clean with a toothbrush. Even with our best efforts to keep our teeth squeaky clean, mother-nature predisposes our teeth to decay with deep pits and fissures. Pit and fissure sealants are an inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay that most dental insurance companies provide coverage for.
Individual Oral Hygiene Instruction
Although each of us is an individual, when it comes to brushing there are some universal best practices for selecting and using a toothbrush. A soft toothbrush is the best whether it’s an electric or manual toothbrush. Although you may feel like your teeth are cleaner with a harder bristled toothbrush, harder bristles cause gum recession and brush away your enamel and root surface over time. Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes for the vast majority of patients. It’s important to brush at least twice a day with a pea size amount of fluoridated toothpaste. Developing a consistent pattern that brushes all the surfaces of the teeth will improve your overall effectiveness in brushing.

Unlike the universal best practices for tooth brushing, there are several ways to clean between your teeth. Flossing is not the answer for everyone. As a matter-a-fact, only 7% of the population actually flosses their teeth! The most important thing is to clean between your teeth regularly enough to not have bleeding gums when you do it, as bleeding is a sign of infection. The most common way to clean between your teeth is with dental floss. However, if you have braces or hard to reach places in your mouth a water irrigator is the most effective way to clean between your teeth. Some people really like using interdental picks and brushes or toothpicks, which are also effective but, they can also create black triangles between your teeth as your gum tissue becomes blunted from repeatedly pushing it down and away from the crown of your tooth. We look forward to helping you determine your best oral hygiene protocol to keep your teeth healthy!

Latest Perscriptions and Treatment of Periodontal Disease
You may not know that most adults lose their teeth to periodontal disease not tooth decay. As a result, we have stayed current and up-to-date in our diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is not curable, but it is manageable like other diseases such as diabetes. It is important to diagnose and treat periodontal disease early as it destroys the bone that supports your teeth.

There are many things we can do to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums for a lifetime.

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